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The Place

Holly Cove is located in East Texas, North of Jasper and South of Lufkin – 20 miles from the Louisiana border. Heavily wooded, Holly Cove is bordered on one side by the Angelina National Forest and on another by the Sam Rayburn Reservoir – Texas' largest lake.


Wanda Sibley named Holly Cove after the trees and the beautiful cove that it enjoys.


In an area of mostly towering pine trees, Holly Cove also has a remarkable variety of other trees including holly, magnolia, cedar, and sassy frass. The forest has numerous hiking trails that are also used by equestrian groups that frequent a nearby park. There is also a close by small waterfall, and a section of very old fencing. Sam Rayburn Reservoir offers excellent swimming, boating and world class bass fishing.


The route through the forest and into property leaves one with a sense of leaving the world behind.

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