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Our History

Wanda and Bob Sibley    


Holly Cove,  a place for you and our Lord Jesus Christ was rededicated to Jesus in 2019 by Wanda and Bob Sibley entrusting its care to First Baptist Church, Vidor Texas.


Wanda and Bob purchased the land in 1975 and for the next 22 years. Holly Cove was a place of retreat from their home in Houston. With their children Susan Webb, David Sibley and Gary Sibley, they enjoyed the lake, the forest and the many visits by family and friends. A mobile home and a garage that the family built were the only facilities,


With retirement came active personal ministry, more facilities, and all sorts of groups: church ministries, family reunions, the needy and civic groups – always in the name of Jesus Christ.


Wanda was born in San Angelo Texas in 1934, Bob in Dallas in 1935. They met at the University of Texas, received degrees and had their first child in Austin. After several years on the East Coast, they settled in Houston in 1967.


“We thank our Father in Heaven for the rare privilege and blessing of having had this experience and being able to dedicate His special place to His Son Jesus Christ.”

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