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Holly Cove current guest capacity

Overnight Use: 36 

Conference/Daytime Use: 50 in the Dining Hall

Outdoor/Daytime Use: 75-100



Day Rates (conference & daytime use only)


Group Rate: $150.00           With other groups allowed

Group Rate: $200.00           Access to the entire facility

Individual Rate: $10.00       With other groups allowed

Family Rate: $30.00             With other groups allowed

Partner Rate:                        Special arrangements

Ministers:                              Special arrangements 



Lodging Rates       


Small Group Rate: $22.00 per person per night. (Other groups may be allowed on the property)


Large Group Rate: $750.00 per group per night. (This gives exclusive use of property to group)


Individual Rate: $22.00 per person per night.  No meal service is provided for individual guest.  However, the kitchen is available for use for $10.00 per day. Special arrangements must be made with the Manager for kitchen usage.               

Scholarship arrangements may be made with the Manager for ministers.


Partnership rate: $20.00 per person per day for guest from partnering organizations. 


Family Rate: $50.00 per day per family.  No meal services provided. Special arrangements can be made with the Manager for kitchen usage at $20.00 per day. Ministerial scholarship arrangements may be made with manager.






Meal Service


At this time Holly Cove has only one kitchen available to guest. The following options are available to guest and groups:


Holly Cove Meal Rate: $7.50 per meal provided by Holly Cove. A standard menu will be provided for guest to choose from when making reservation. There is a minimum of 20 meals per meal time required for this service.


Group Provided Meal: Anyone  preparing their own meals will provide all needed items for food and supplies.  Kitchen use and garbage service fee of $75.00 per day will be charged. 

Food, groceries, and supplies are available in Jasper, Texas approx. 20 miles south on Hwy 190.


Individual Guest Rate: $10.00 per day for kitchen usage. Special arrangements must be made with Manager.


Family Guest Rate: $20.00 per day for kitchen usage fee. Special arrangements must be made with Manager.



Laundry Service


Linen Service: When Holly Cove provides linens, there is an additional charge of $5.00 per stay per person for linen services. Use of washer and dryer is limited to individuals and family guest at $5.00 per day.  Guest must provide detergent.


(2) Bunk Rooms - 12 guests each

(1) Bunk Room in Dining Hall - 5 guests

(4) Cabins - 4 guests each

Lodging & Pricing

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